What is the best brush cutter head
Brush Cutter Head

With the enormous number of brush cutter heads offered by the manufacturers of brush cutters (in this case STIHL, RYOBI, …) for your landscaped areas, this article is intended to aid you find the answer to the fundamental question: What is the best brush cutter head? Or What is the best blade for a brush cutter for your excellent machine?

Changer le fil du coupe-bordure Stihl fse 52
AutoCut Mower Head
Tête de débroussailleuse polycut meilleur outil pour couper les herbes denses
PolyCut Mower Head
Couteau à herbe à 4 lames meilleur outil pour couper les herbes hautes
4-tooth metal grass knife
Couteau à taillis meilleur outil pour couper les ronces
3-tooth coppicing knife
Lame de scie circulaire à dents douces meilleur outil pour couper les arbustes
Soft tooth circular saw

What is the best brush cutter head?

You should evidently choose the cutting head of your machine according to the logical use for which you actually intend to use it.

Indeed, for each type of vegetation, brush cutter manufacturers have designed heads uniquely adapted to the type of mowing or cutting.

Best Selling Grass Cutter Heads (Corded Heads)

Best-selling grass trimmer heads. This clearly means that these heads are well known to everyone. Their use is mainly recommended as a supplement to the lawnmower around trees, posts, outdoor flowerpots. This is exact whether the ground is level or sloping.

  • The cutting line allows finishing work to be carried out around obstacles and if the cutting line is too long, the flap knife automatically readjusts it. Simple to operate, the first line trims the grass once, then the second line cuts it back, generating a “mulching” effect that eliminates the need to collect the mown grass.
  • You may be wondering what the best brush cutter line is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this article.
  • Again, the best cutting line for your brush cutter/lawn trimmer or grass cutter depends on the power (displacement) of your machine.
  1. If you have less than 1 kW or less than 20 CC, you need a cutting line with a diameter of 1.2 to 1.6 mm, which is usually the case for trimmers.
  2. For a power of 1 to 2 kW or from 20 CC to 25 CC, you require a cutting wire of 1.6 mm to 2.4 mm in diameter.
  3. For power above 2 kW or 25 DC to 35 DC, you will need 2.4 mm to 2.7 mm diameter cutting wire.
  4. From 35 CC to 40 CC, 2.7 mm to 3.5 mm diameter cutting wire is required.
  5. And finally, for a displacement of 40 CC to 50 CC and more, 3.5 mm to 4.5 mm diameter cutting wire is required.
Meilleur fil pour débroussailleuse tête autocut
Fil de coupe 2-4 mm

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Important: replacing the wire of an AutoCut head is very simple. Insert the two ends of the wire into the two holes located on each side of the head. Turn the knob to wind the wire. Cut the wire in the middle when its apparent length is only 30 to 40 cm. The range of wire tools consists of 4 various types of heads adapted to the nature of the terrain and the desired comfort of use.

Best string trimmer head (AutoCut, SuperCut, TrimCut, FixCut)

  • AutoCut C 26-2 brush cutter head for grass: The AutoCut C 26-2 cutting head can be fitted to the following STIHL brush cutters FS 55, FS 56, FS 70, FS 90, FS 94, FS 100, FS 111, FS 120, FS 130, FS 131, FS 250, FSA 90, FSA 130. The recommended cutting wire diameter for this head ranges from 2.4 mm to 2.7 mm. The AutoCut 26-2 brush cutter head is designed for mowing grass near obstacles. To adjust the length of its cutting line, simply tap the AutoCut C 26-2 mower head lightly against the ground.
  • SuperCut grass cutting head: automatic mowing head with 2 cutting wires for trimming grass near obstacles (Walls, stairs, posts…) and weeding large areas. The SuperCut mowing head automatically adjusts the fishing line to the optimum length.
  • TrimCut mowing head for grass: just like a SuprCut mowing head, the TrimCut mowing head has 2 manual ropes. This means that the appropriate length of fishing line can be set manually. This mowing head is recommended for mowing around obstacles such as stairs, trees, etc.
  • FixCut mowing head for grass: the familiar mowing head with 2 separate cutting lines that are inserted manually for mowing and clearing large areas.
Changer le fil du coupe-bordure Stihl fse 52
AutoCut Mower Head
Changement de fil d’un coupe-bordure Stihl
AutoCut Mower Head Type C
Tête faucheuse TrimCut
TrimCut Mower Head
Tête faucheuse DuroCat et Fixcut
DuroCut and FixCut mower heads

Best brush cutter head for thicker grass (PolyCut)

For thicker grass, you use the PolyCut mower head. The PolyCut mower head’s movable polyamide knives are deployed by centrifugal force and allow you to mow with the same flexibility as the wire, with the advantages of a disc head such as the formation of a windrow for easy collection. The other special feature of the PolyCut mowing head is that in the event of an accidental collision with an obstacle, the knives fold back into the head to limit the risk of breakage in order to maintain the tool’s full performance. The mobile knife is extremely easy to maintain. When its cutting edge is dull, it can be turned over to use its second cutting edge.

  • PolyCut mower head for thicker grass is a versatile, efficient and virtually maintenance-free tool. The STIHL Polycut 6-2 brush cutter head is a universal and robust cutting unit with 2 cutting blades (moving polymer set) for mowing large grassy areas. This cutting head is compatible with a remarkable number of brush cutters and edgers.
Tête de débroussailleuse polycut meilleur outil pour couper les herbes denses
PolyCut Mower Head
Tête de débroussailleuse PolyCut pour couper les herbes denses
PolyCut Mower Head (3 blade set)
  • Important: if one knife fails, the entire set must be replaced. It’s a question of balance.

Best brush cutter blade for trimming high grass (metal grass knives)

Metal grass knives with 2, 4 or 8 teeth for cutting tall parched grass, thick grass, overgrown grass, reeds, shrubs and nettles.

Metal grass knives are particularly suitable for mowing tall, overgrown and woody grass. With this type of tool, in its 8-tooth version, you can mow much denser vegetation (from reeds to tangled brush, often feared for their rigidity). These are specialised tools with the excellent strength to match their reputation.

  • The tool literally mows these types of vegetation, so you can clear undergrowth, ditches, and all types of tough, overgrown, parched grass with ease.
Couteau à herbes 2 dents
2-tine metal grass knife
Couteau à herbe à 4 lames meilleur outil pour couper les herbes hautes
4-tine metal grass blade
Couteau à herbe en acier à 8 lames
Metal grass knife, 8 teeth
  • Important: If the cutting edge of the 2-tooth or 4-tooth knives is dull, simply turn them over. If both cutting edges are dull, you can sharpen them with a flat file. The range of grass knives consists of 3 versions with 2 teeth, 4 teeth and 8 teeth.

What is the best blade for a brush cutter (for cutting brambles)?

If you are looking for the best brush cutter blade, this section is for you.

The more specialised coppice knives or steel shredder knives such as grass knives are specialists in dense brambles and heavily tangled vegetation. These coppice knives can be used from right to left and from the bottom to top. The cutting qualities of these knives allow you to clear the brush much more efficiently.

  • Cutting knife with three cutting edges made of durable steel for thick growth. Designed for mowing hard and tangled grass, as well as thinning and trimming hedges and thorny shrubs. This head is ideal for the Stihl FS 80250, and also FR 130T, FR 350450, FR 480 – 480 CF brush cutters.
Couteau à taillis meilleur outil pour couper les ronces
3-tooth coppicing knife
Couteau à taillis de broyage à 2 dents duro-broyeur
2-tooth coppicing knife "Duro Mill"
  • Important: just like the grass knives, the coppice knives are reversible when their cutting edges wear out and can be resharpened with a flat file. These knives are a range of 2 tools: a 3-tooth knife and the 2-tooth duro shredder knife with its specific cover, extremely popular with bramble professionals.

Can I use a circular saw blade on a brush cutter?

Circular saws have a very specific use. Whether they are soft-toothed or sharp-toothed, their purpose is to cut shrubs, gnarled brush and even vines. They are the essential tools for clearing or depressing. The precision of the cut is up to 40 mm in diameter. This tool is also of interest to professionals and those who want a sophisticated tool for forestry maintenance with an efficiency close to that of a chainsaw.

  • Soft-tooth circular saw: 225 mm carbide blade, very strong beveled saw blade for knotty shrubs and thin tree trunks. This tool is only used with emphasis. Good for pruning small shrubs and fine trees. Made of high-quality steel and equipped with 36 teeth with hard metal tips for wear resistance and improved cutting properties. The outer diameter of the disc is 225 mm. Suitable for FS 260, 350 – 560 brush cutters.
  • Brush cutter head: sharp-toothed circular saws: the tool is exclusively designed for medium and high-powered brush cutters, because with the help of a disc it is practical to clear the area of dry grass thickets, dense weeds or to saw through gnarled shrubs and thin trees. The blade is made of high-strength steel and is equipped with sharp grinding teeth. The sharp-toothed saw blade is recommended for forestry maintenance work. In addition to all of the above, the blade can be used for sawing and uprooting wood by virtue of its aggressive cut. It is recommended to use this tool only with a stop and for FS model brush cutters with a two-handed handle. It is particularly suitable for brush cutters: FS 260 – 450.
Lame de scie circulaire à dents douces meilleur outil pour couper les arbustes
Soft-toothed circular saw
Lame de scie circulaire en acier à dents pointues
Pointed-tooth circular saw
  • Important : Circular saws are not reversible. They are sharpened with a round file. These saws require the special stop assembly.
  • Tip: Remember that a brand’s tools are designed for that brand’s machines.
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