How do you change the string on a Stihl trimmer
How do You change the string on a Stihl trimmer

We frequently use trimmers, brush cutters and lawn mowers to carefully maintain our verdant lawns, private or professional gardens and public green spaces. The most powerful and expensive tools are obviously equipped with excellent knives or special discs, which take on considerable loads when mowing tough vegetation. Alongside these sturdy tools, we have more of the magnificent models that we regularly use to majestically maintain our cramped green areas (gardens).

  • We will deal in this article with “how to change the cutting line” of these, because the design of their head is based on the drum mechanism and the spool in which the fishing line (cutting line) is wound.

How do you change the string on a Stihl trimmer?

Remember that the cutting line of an edger remains a part that wears out over time when the machine is operated (edge ​​trimmer, grass trimmer or brush cutter). Therefore, it must be regularly inspected and replaced if necessary so that it is always effective during the various cutting jobs.

  • Changing the line of a Stihl trimmer is an unavoidable task. The task that experienced users and first-time owners of a Stihl trimmer, Stihl grass trimmer or Stihl brush cutter face. In theory, changing the line of a Stihl string trimmer may seem like an extremely easy operation. But if you want to carry out this task properly and professionally, you must know what types of trimmer heads the Stihl trimmer, Stihl grass trimmer or Stihl brush cutter is equipped with in order to know how to replace your trimmer line correctly. Like a boss.
  • This article deals with 6 different Stihl heads, namely:
  1. AutoCut
  2. AutoCut C
  3. DuroCut
  4. FixCut
  5. SuperCut
  6. TrimCut


Before clearly discussing the methods of “changing the line of a Stihl edger”, it is obviously necessary to soak the replacement fishing line sufficiently in water for an entire day (24 hours). The nylon trimmer line is a hygroscopic part, which means that it absorbs moisture from the air (liquids). By absorbing the liquid, the fishing line becomes softer and more elastic. Therefore, it is more resistant and much more manageable.

Meilleur fil pour débroussailleuse tête autocut
Fil de coupe 2-4 mm

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How do I change the trimmer line?

To start, you must first carefully clean the cutting head of the edger and carefully extract the old fishing line if this has not already been done. Next, remove the spool from the drum if the Stihl trimmer head design has a spool. Removing the spool from inside the drum is quick and easy.

How do you change the line on a Stihl fs40? (AutoCut mowing head)

Changing the line on the Stihl FS 40 trimmer with AutoCut mowing head (semi-automatic head) is extremely easy.

Indeed, this task can even be performed without dismantling the AutoCut mowing head from the device once the head is empty.

Changer le fil du coupe-bordure Stihl fse 52
  • Provide 6 meters of wire (3 meters for each of the two diametrically opposed holes).
  • Locate two small arrows on the AutoCut mower head, which designate the places (2 holes) where the ends of the 2 previously prepared threads must be inserted.
  • Push the wire into the hole on each side up to 3 or 4 centimeters.
  • On the cutter head are a second pair of arrows that reveal the direction of the rewind rotation.
  • Press and turn the head several times in the direction of rotation indicated by the arrows until the end of the 3 meters of wire on each side.
  • Finally, cut the ends of each wire to the desired length (about 12 centimeters).

How to respool a stihl fsa 57? (Type C AutoCut trimmer head)

Before threading the line into the reel of the Stihl FSA 57 edger, you must have a fishing line of a maximum length of 8 m, place the handle according to the position of the arrows on the head of the Stihl edger (head of the reel) and insert the 2 ends of the fishing line into the opposite holes. It is necessary to ensure that the ends of the fishing lines are cut with a bevel. After that, spin the spool in the direction indicated on the cover, clockwise. Thus, the cutting line is completely wound on the spool.

Changer le fil du coupe-bordure Stihl fsa 57
  • Finally, cut the loop that sticks out in the middle. The resulting ends of the fishing line should protrude from the drum by about 12 centimeters.

How do you change the line on a Stihl FSA 56? (Type C AutoCut trimmer head)

Unlock the AutoCut head cover of the Stihl FSA 56 trimmer by pressing the notches one after the other to release it and remove it.

Changer le fil du coupe-bordure Stihl fsa 56
  • Carefully remove the spool.
  • Carefully insert the end of the trimmer line into the hole, then wind it tightly and evenly in the direction shown.
  • Insert the end of the second cutting line
  • Wrap the cutting line, and fix it in the notch.
  • Lodge the wires in the grooves and close the AutoCut head.
  • Pull vigorously on the cutting line to position the spool.
  • Shorten the ends of the remaining wire on each side if necessary.

How do I change the trimmer line? (AutoCut C 25-2 mowing head)

Changement de fil d’un coupe-bordure Stihl
  • Place the mower head in the arrow position, facing the notches and holes.
  • Insert the two tapered ends into the respective holes.
  • Wind the thread into the spool by turning it clockwise.
  • Cut the ends of each cutting wire to the same length.

How do you change the string on a Stihl trimmer fitted with a DuroCut or FixCut mower head?

These two versions of mowing heads are radically different from the versions (AutoCut, AutoCut C and TrimCut). Indeed, the fishing lines of these two versions are simply introduced inside.

If you are using a DuroCut mower head, the trimmer line installation locations are indicated by the arrows. With DuroCut, up to four ropes can be used.

As for the FixCut mowing head, its deployment is not necessary, since this head design does not have a spool at all. So, to replace the cutting line of a trimmer equipped with a FixCut mowing head, you must provide a 20 cm long cord and ensure that the engine is in stop mode (off).

Tête faucheuse DuroCat et Fixcut
  • Grasp the mowing head with your hand, taking care to free the hole.
  • Subtract the wire and insert it into the side hole.
  • Drive the line deep with a forceful thrust, as resistance may be felt.
  • Thread the cutting line so that it appears in the center hole of the case between 1 and 2 cm.
  • The trim cord should protrude from the inside so that the used part is easily accessible for later removal.
  • Feed the second trimmer line into the opposite hole following the same process and pull the fishing line back to see that it is firmly attached.
  • Now the FixCut mowing head can be mounted on the edger.

How do you change the string on a Stihl trimmer fitted with a SuperCut mower head?

Hold the mower head in one hand so that its cap is on top.

With the other hand, find the two recesses (opposite to each other) located on the sides of the structure.

Tête faucheuse SuperCut
  • Press the recesses simultaneously or one after the other to unlock the lock.
  • Turn the cover clockwise to remove it.
  • Release the plastic hook and remove it from the holding position by rotating it.
  • Find the eyelet adjacent to the dividing wall in the middle of the bobbin, then insert the end of a fishing line through the reinforcement until it stops.
  • Wrap the trimmer line tightly around the spool evenly.
  • Hook the remaining end (about 10 cm) to one of the two notches.
  • Repeat the same process for the second trimmer thread.
  • Now insert the spool into the case and spin the bobbin to align the strings.
  • Carefully unhook the ends of the fishing lines from the notches and place them in the groove.
  • After closing the assembly, pull on the rope so that the reel goes up a little.
  • Finally, trim the ends of each trimmer wire to the desired uniform length.

How do you change the string on a Stihl trimmer fitted with a TrimCut mower head?

Depending on the type indicated on the packaging, two cutting lines are required, generally of maximum length (5 m, 6 m or 8 m).

Tête faucheuse TrimCut
  • Take the drum with the widest part facing down.
  • Unscrew the fixing screw located on the part facing upwards and then remove the spool from the head housing.
  • Feed the end of the fishing line through the eyelet and begin winding it evenly around the spool, observing the direction of the arrows on the casing and avoiding cross overlaps.
  • Hook the last 7 to 10 centimeters of the strings to the notch on the outer ring of the drum.
  • Repeat these previous steps for the second part of the coil.
  • Gradually insert the spool into its compartment, taking care to pass the cutting wires through the main holes in the head.
  • Pull the cut lines and insert the bobbin all the way.
  • Finally, screw the fixing screw back on and cut the ends of the cutting wires by about 12 centimeters.
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Frequently Asked Questions: How do you change the string on a Stihl trimmer

To lengthen the cutting line of your edger, press in the middle while pulling on the line.

You can easily use 5 meters cutting line to rewind an AutoCut 25 – 2 cutting head.

Recommended wire diameters for the AutoCut 25 – 2 head are; 2.4 mm and 2.7 mm maximum.

When using the head of an edger, only the last few inches of the cord are used to make the cuts. However, if the fishing line breaks at the eyelet, that means significant strain is being put on the cord. Consequently, the cord breaks at the eyelet.

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