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  • How to choose a battery brushcutter?
  • How do I choose a STIHL strimmer?
  • What is the best strimmer for steep slopes?

STIHL battery strimmer review

If you have a regular-sized garden, the battery strimmer is ideal for you. Battery-powered brush cutters allow you to weed and mow tall and dense grass thanks to their cutting angles adapted to difficult access areas. STIHL battery strimmers have step-adjustable handles and an adjustable soft-grip handle. They also allow you to carry out all your mowing work with pleasure and professionally thanks to their powerful batteries.

How do I choose a STIHL strimmer?

STIHL strimmer or STIHL edger can help you cut grass in areas with varying topography. Depending on the model, you can know not only grasses, but also shrubs, reeds, and even embankments. STIHL electric strimmers and STIHL battery strimmers are a little easier to handle compared to STIHL petrol strimmers.

  • STIHL battery strimmers are particularly light, very manoeuvrable, quiet and no exhaust fumes. They are designed for cutting and mowing work in residential areas and noise-sensitive places such as hospitals or schools. The battery strimmer is a high-performance gardening tool, some STIHL battery-powered brush cutters are equipped with semi-automatic cutting heads, adjustable handles in stages, adjustable soft-grip handle and cutting angles adapted to hard-to-reach surfaces. Such as slopes, around posts or even under fences.
  • STIHL electric strimmers are excellent for large areas close to homes or electrical outlets due to the limitation of their range by the power cord. STIHL electric brush cutters are highly appreciated by home gardeners and professional landscapers.
  • STIHL petrol strimmers operate independently. They have more mechanical power output than electric brush cutters, allowing larger diameter trimmer line to be used. With these self-contained tools, there are no obstacles in the form of fences and bushes with which the electrical cable can become entangled.

How to choose a battery brushcutter?

To choose the right battery-powered brushcutter for your future gardening work, the following points should be taken into account:

  • Charging time and battery life.
  • Battery power (The best batteries are Lithium-ion batteries.)
  • Battery type (For example, you can work longer with STIHL AR batteries than with STIHL AP batteries. STIHL AR batteries have higher energy density than STIHL AP batteries.).
  • Type of work to be done and areas to be cleared.
  • Are you asking in your various gardening tasks?
  • You also need to consider the price of different device types.

Charging time and range of STIHL batteries

It is extremely important to know the charge time and run time of a STIHL battery strimmer before purchasing it.

  • Charging time for STIHL batteries: The charging time for STIHL battery tools is influenced by the capacity of the battery and the charger used. A STIHL AK 10 battery charged with the STIHL AL 101 charger will be fully charged (to 100%) in 95 minutes, while the same STIHL AK 10 battery will be fully charged (to 100%) in just 45 minutes if charged with the STIHL AL 300 charger.
  • Range of STIHL batteries after a full load (100%): The range of a cordless power tool depends on its battery and the requirements to which it is subject. The tools in the AP SYSTEM STIHL range are a delight for professionals and private individuals thanks to the autonomy of their AP SYSTEM STIHL battery and their high performance.

Battery-powered Garden tools are particularly suitable for maintaining lawns, gardens and are ideal thanks to their extended battery life for work within municipalities.

Now that you know how to choose a battery strimmer, we invite you to consult our article on STIHL battery strimmers for more details on their descriptions, technical characteristics and functions.

What is the best strimmer for steep slopes?

Many amateur gardeners ask themselves: what is the most suitable brush cutter for mowing, clearing, or weeding sloping or uneven ground?
So to solve this question, we recommend one of the tools listed below:

  1. STIHL battery strimmers  (two gooseneck handlebars).
  2. STIHL backpack petrol brush cutters.
  3. STIHL petrol edge cutters.

Advantages and disadvantages of a STIHL battery strimmer

STIHL battery strimmers are durable and offer exceptional cutting qualities thanks to the advanced technology of their motors and their lithium-ion batteries, despite their remarkable performance, they also have some disadvantages.


  • High mobility: work without constraints and with mobility thanks to the battery power supply.
  • Silent work: no personal hearing protection equipment is required, and you can then work in noise-sensitive areas.
  • Long battery life and short charging time.
  • Non-polluting: battery strimmers are silent and emit no exhaust gases.
  • Easily removable battery: STIHL batteries can be used for other compatible devices.


  • Much more expensive than other models.
  • Your battery life determines your working time.

We hope that with this STIHL battery strimmer review, you can choose exactly the brush cutter or edge cutter you need.

Frequently Asked Questions: Battery strimmer

  • The purchase costs of a battery strimmer, complete with battery and charger, are usually higher than the costs of a petrol strimmer of similar power. However, it must be taken into account that the operating costs will be significantly lower, since no fuel and no spark plugs are required for operation.
  • Thanks to the long-lasting and high-performance batteries, the break-even point will, in any case, be reached during the life of the brush cutter, provided that proper use of the brush cutter is ensured. The exact moment at which this threshold will be reached depends on various factors, e.g. the battery strimmer, the type of use, the use behaviour, the fuel costs and the cutting tools used.
  • If you buy other battery-powered strimmers that are part of the same battery system from STIHL, you'll pay for yourself even faster, because you don't have to invest in a new battery or charger. Thanks to the concept of the modular battery system, the previously purchased batteries and charger can in fact be used on all products of the same battery system.

STIHL offers different drive types for its brush cutters. In addition to the classic petrol strimmers, the range also includes electric and battery strimmers.

The power characteristics and the method used to determine the power differ depending on the drive type:

  1. Thermal tools: the mechanical power output is decisive.
  2. Electric tools and battery tools: the electrical power consumption (nominal value) is decisive.
  • These power values ​​have been established for these two types of training, but their interpretation differs, so they cannot be directly compared with each other. Concretely: Directly comparing the power of two different types of brush cutters, for example a petrol chainsaw and an electric chainsaw, is not possible and does not make sense.
  • For battery strimmers, the comparison is even more difficult. Here, the manufacturers have not yet established a standard for power indications.
    If you want to compare petrol and battery strimmers, you must also take into account that battery-powered brush cutters behave very differently during work.
  • Due to its electric motor, the battery brush cutter has a high torque, for example, even at low speeds. In difficult situations, for example, when the cutting tool is slightly jammed, the cordless brush cutter will feel more powerful than a similar petrol strimmer and therefore will not jam so quickly. A comparison would therefore be irrelevant here and would not reflect the power perceived and available according to the different work situations.

STIHL battery strimmers are distinguished by the following features:

  • They are fun to start.
  • They are quiet and can therefore also be used in noise-sensitive areas.
  • They are light.
  • They do not produce exhaust gases.
  • It is no longer necessary to handle fuel.
  • They are sturdy and do not require much maintenance.
  • Thanks to the modular battery system, a single battery can be used on several strimmers.
  • Generally, it is not necessary to wear hearing protection during their use.
  • Mostly, the fatigue caused by the vibrations of the strimmer is reduced during work.
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