Ryobi OLT1832 Edge Trimmer
Test and Opinion RYOBI OLT1832 Edge Trimmer

In general, lawn mowing begins after winter (March or April) and the mowing period can extend from March to September. During this period, the lawn, and grass are regularly mowed. However, it does not represent the unique period during which we need to maintain our private green space.

With the end of the year celebrations approaching too, we need to bring aesthetic touches to our garden. Not only to present a pleasant living environment to our friends, brothers, and family. But, also to make a smooth transition from the year that is ending to the new year that is announced with great hope.

  • Moreover, it is for this last reason that “LA DÉBROUSSAILLEUSE” has written this Ryobi olt1832 edge trimmer test and review for you.

RYOBI OLT1832 Edge Trimmer – Features – Strengths – Weaknesses

  • RYOBI concept with 18V ONE+™ Lithium+ battery: battery compatible with the tools in the range.
  • Vertebrae™ design: adjustable front handle and telescopic tube
  • Performance: Automatic cutter head with single adjustable fishing line 25-30 cm in diameter.
  • Easy Edge™ function: versatile, the Ryobi olt1832 edge cutter in trimmer mode by simply rotating the head.
  • Three (3) trimmer head tilt positions for easy access to tricky areas.
  • Grip Zone™ grips: micro-dimpled grips with acceleration trigger.
  • Safety switch.


  • Quality/pricereasonable
  • Battery lifegood
  • Reliabilityexcellent
  • Noise levellow 
  • Vibration levellow

Weak Points:

  • little power
  • Too smooth plastic handle
  • Slightly heavier than an electric trimmer
  • Fishing line over 2 mm in diameter cannot be used. The recommended cutting line diameter is 1.6 millimeters (1.6 mm).
RYOBI OLT1832 Edge Trimmer


  • Compact, lightweight and easy to store.
  • Telescopic rod, reel with a line tail.
  • Ventilation holes on the back to limit the risk of moisture when mowing wet grass.
  • The protective housing is very solid, the angle of the cutting block is adjustable, the front handle and the telescopic tube are adjustable in inclination to adjust the edger to the size of the user.
  • The axial rotation of the head makes it easy and comfortable to trim the edge of the lawn, the edges of fences and flower beds.
Easyedge Ryobi OLT1832

The design of this device (Ryobi Olt1832 Edge Trimmer) seems fragile, but it mows grass and lawn perfectly.

In the test experiences with this trimmer, you really notice that you should definitely not trust appearances, because the device lived up to expectations. In other words, the device mows well without any major issues.



The RYOBI ONE+ OLT1832 – 5133002813 Cordless Edger is not a garden tool intended for mowing large landscaped areas.

On the other hand, if we consider it as a gardening tool complementary to the lawnmower, it can do an excellent job when it comes to mowing in difficult places where the lawnmower cannot be used. We refer to cutting lawn edges, around obstacles such as mowing grass around walls, posts, flower beds, trees, and shrubs.

Ryobi OLT1832 Edge Cutter

Moreover, the drafting of this article « test and advice edger cutter Ryobi OLT1832 » is based on tests carried out as an edger. That is to say, it is only tested under conditions reserved only for trimmers of the same category.

  • Very good mowing tool for confined grassy areas.
  • Perfect for home and modest bungalows.
  • The report of this test does not come exclusively from “LA DÉBROUSSAILLEUSE” but also from other partners specialized in the field of garden maintenance.



The cutter head has 1.6 mm diameter fishing line, strong enough for 25-30 cm adjustable cutting width. The cutting line can stretch when mowing. Incidentally, when the trigger is pulled, the fishing line automatically releases about 1 cm.

The engine noise is barely audible, we hear more that of the fishing line subjected to the centrifugal force of the engine.

RYOBI OLT1832 à batterie Lithium+ 18V ONE+
  • The mower (Ryobi OLT1832 Edge Cutter) mows weeds and ordinary grass much easier. On the other hand, as for the thicker or drier grasses, one can feel a poor resistance, but in the end, they are mown. Possibly, if it is equipped with a 2 mm cutting line, the situation would have been different. As a result, it can be said that the device does not mow tall grass so easily. But it is powerful enough to mow ferns and watershed which have a reasonable height.
  • Thanks to its 180 degree tilting head, one is able to mow from top to bottom as recommended in the instructions, i.e., adjustment of the head, adjustment, and extension of the handle.
  • You will definitely love the presence of the safety switch, thanks to which the edger stops immediately as soon as the cutting unit feels a strong resistance when mowing weeds with a significant thickness.
  • The tool is extremely convincing in terms of efficiency, comfort, and maneuverability like this  RYOBI OLT1825M Edger.



With a 2 to 4 Ah battery, you can work for about twenty to forty minutes (20 to 40 min).

The report for this test is based on the use of a 4 Ah battery, which was used to test the RYOBI ONE+ OLT1832 – 5133002813 cordless edger. For typical use, the battery can last approximately forty minutes (40 mins). Towards the end, you will feel a significant drop in power, but not drastically.

Advantages and disadvantages: RYOBI OLT1832 Edge Cutter


  • Quiet and inexpensive.
  • For those who have a battery and charger from this range, the purchase of this RYOBI OLT1832 edge trimmer will represent an economic advantage for them.
  • The angle of the handle; the length of the telescopic tube and the angle of the cutting block are adjustable.
  • The vibrations are evident, but not exceptionally intense.
  • Very practical and easy to use.


  • No stopper for the ignition button to remain frozen, this device would be even more practical if it had one.
  • For people of remarkable height, the tool will not be very convenient for them, because sometimes they have to bend over.
  • The tool is a little heavier compared to an electric edger, but the fact that it’s cordless gives it a huge advantage.
  • The effectiveness of this edger decreases as its battery runs low.
  • This device should be used as an auxiliary tool to the lawn mower. So, if you want another RYOBI BRAND battery-powered mowing tool model that is much more efficient than this  RYOBI OLT1832 edge cutter, check out this article.

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