Stihl Cordless Trimmer
STIHL Cordless Trimmer

Most often, a lawnmower is used for finishing lawn edges, but the best way to do this is to cut the edges of lawns with an edger, whether it is a STIHL cordless trimmer, an electric STIHL edger, a STIHL thermal edger or even a third-party edger.

Which STIHL cordless trimmer should I choose?

The decisive choice of an edger trimmer depends fundamentally on the environment, the surface where it will be used effectively and the precise types of careful work that one explicitly wants to carry out. Truth be told, there are three main types of STIHL trimmers namely:  STIHL battery-powered trimmers, STIHL electric trimmers and STIHL petrol trimmers.

  1. A  thermal edger works perfectly autonomously and is exceptionally powerful. Therefore, with petrol trimmers, a more powerful cutting unit can easily be used. Petrol trimmers are ideal for cutting and mowing large areas continuously.
  2. STIHL  electric trimmers continue to be excellent gardening tools for large areas around the house. An electric edger is designed primarily for mowing grass that the lawnmower could not reach or for lawns in front of the house. A STIHL electric edger is renowned for performing precision work on lawn edges, at the base of trees, at the edges of fences. The STIHL Electric Edger is as effective as a STIHL Battery Edger.

STIHL battery edger

A battery-powered edger can be an excellent choice if you want to trim lawn edges, clean up tight spaces and eliminate invasive plants around trees, stones, and flower pots. On the other hand, a battery-powered brush cutter is particularly suitable for more complex and demanding cleaning tasks in residential and noise-sensitive areas.

Whether you are an amateur or professional gardener, edge trimmers are your essential allies for maintaining your garden and gently delineating the edges of your lawn.

  • A battery powered edger STIHL is primarily designed to be as light as possible due to our need for mobility and flexibility for mowing and cutting jobs in residential and noise-sensitive areas. STIHL battery edger are as easy to operate, quiet and emit no exhaust gases as  STIHL battery-powered brush cutters.

Here is a list of the most popular STIHL battery trimmers online:

  1. STIHL FSA 45 cordless grass trimmer (versatile, STIHL edger from the AI ​​range, which can be transformed into a trimmer without tools thanks to its 90° pivoting cutting head);
  2. STIHL FSA 56 battery edger (conceptual edger with automatically adjustable head for trimming and cleaning the garden);
  3. STIHL battery edger FSA 57 (edge ​​trimmer with flexible and adjustable handle providing increased comfort when cutting lawn edges around houses, compatible with STIHL AK SYSTEM battery tools);
  4. STIHL FSA 60 cordless grass trimmer (powerful and versatile, the SYSTEM STIHL AK FSA 60 edger remains the wonderful companion for gardeners in their most demanding gardening tasks.);
  5. STIHL FSA 86 cordless grass trimmer (performance and power make the STIHL FSA 86 edger from the AP SYSTEM range a perfect tool for maintaining lawn edges in noise-sensitive environments.).

For more information on these 5 battery powered edger STIHL, see this article: [STIHL battery-powered edge trimmer].

Innovation in the STIHL Lithium-ion battery edger range

STIHL technology for its lithium-ion batteries with increased performance and a remarkable lifespan.

  • STIHL battery-powered trimmers from the STIHL AI range are manoeuvrable, light, and easy to use in gardening work thanks to their integrated, long-lasting and easy-to-recharge Lithium-ion battery.
  • STIHL AK SYSTEM technology battery-powered edge trimmers: powerful and durable thanks to interchangeable Lithium-ion batteries, the STIHL battery-powered edge trimmers in the AK SYSTEM range are intended for demanding gardening enthusiasts.
  • STIHL cordless trimmers equipped with STIHL AP SYSTEM technology are excellent tools for professional maintenance of public green spaces, gardens, and parks thanks to the performance, flexibility and considerable autonomy of AP SYSTEM technology.
  • Whether you are a professional or occasional gardener, the STIHL battery-powered trimmers from the STIHL AS SYSTEM range are made for you. STIHL AS SYSTEM battery-powered trimmers are light, versatile, very manoeuvrable and practical due to their modest size.

Charging the battery of a STIHL battery edger

Everyone wants to have enough energy to work much longer with power tools. Users of STIHL battery edge trimmers are not left out of this exacerbated need for energy.

Previously, for the first charge of Nickel-Cadmium (NidCd) batteries, it was necessary to observe a minimum time of 10 hours of charging, fortunately today this process is no longer necessary with the Lithium-ion batteries with which the STIHL battery-powered trimmers. The initial load time of the latter is quite short and takes between 30 minutes and 4 hours 30 to turn off 80 – 100% depending on the battery.

Advantages and disadvantages of a battery powered edger STIHL


  • Modest level of vibration and noise level almost non-existent, no CO2 emissions, Multi-charger and versatile batteries that can be used for other battery tools equipped with the same system (AI, AK, AP and AS). Lightweight and powerful, the STIHL battery edger is an excellent tool for finishing lawn edges that are difficult to reach with a lawn mower.


  • Price a bit high. The STIHL battery edge trimmer is unsuitable for more complex and demanding tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions: STIHL battery edger

  • The values ​​80 and 100% refer to the state of charge of the battery. The corresponding charge time indicates the number of minutes required for an empty battery to acquire this level of charge.
  • To charge the remaining 20%, approximately 1/3 of the charging time is required. The reason is that the battery cannot be charged up to 100% with a constant charging current.
  • Towards the end of the charge, it continues to decrease in order to preserve the cells and maintain their capacity over the many load cycles. The last percentages of capacity therefore require more time to be charged.
  • But it is plausible to use STIHL products at full power, even with a battery that is not fully charged.
  • A STIHL Lithium-ion battery should be charged to 80 – 100% before first use.
  • Safety technologies prevent overheating of Lithium-ion batteries.
  • It is fine to charge a lithium-ion battery overnight.
  • Protect your Lithium-ion battery against humidity, heat, and cold.

Generally, PRO battery system machines provide substantially more runtime than COMPACT system machines. Most STIHL AP and STIHL AR batteries have a higher energy density.

The central objective of the PRO system machines is efficiency and rapid work progress. Because of their performance, they therefore allow an exceptional amount of work to be carried out in a significantly reduced time.

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