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Robot Lawnmower WORX Landroid L2000 WR155E

As mentioned in our previous article that presented 3 models of worx vision mower, namely:

  1. Landroid WORX M500 Plus
  2. Landroid WORX L1000
  3. Landroid WORX L1500

Today, our focus is on the Review of the worx vision mower Landroid L2000 WR155E, commonly known as the WORX 2000 square meters Robot Mower designed for areas up to 2000 sq.m. and the WORX Robot Mower Shelter.

Worx Vision Mower 2000 Square Meters Reviews and Experiences

Robot Tondeuse WORX 2000m2 Landroid L2000
Landroid L2000 WR155E

The Landroid L2000 WR155E is a high-end robot mower, renowned for its efficiency and convenience, ideal for large lawns. This model stands out by making the maintenance of a 2000 sq.m. lawn a breeze due to the quality associated with the WORX brand.

  • Compared to its predecessor, the worx vision mower Landroid L2000 2000sq.m. is the perfect choice for owners of vast gardens, parks, and sports fields. This robot, powered by a high-capacity 5,000 mAh battery and equipped with a fast charger, ensures efficient and autonomous mowing over an area of 2,000 sq.m.

Before delving into the reviews and experiences regarding the Landroid L2000, let’s take a closer look at its technical specifications, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Technical Specifications and Functions of the worx vision mower Landroid L2000 WR155E (Worx 2000 square meters robot mower)

  • Lawn area: 2000 sq.m.
  • Battery: 20 V Lithium-ion battery
  • Amperage: 5.0 Ah
  • Interface: LCD
  • Multi-zone Management: YES
  • PowerShare: YES
  • AIA Technology: YES
  • Edge Cutting: YES
  • Cutting Height/Width: 30-60 mm and ⌀220 mm
  • worx app/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth: YES/YES/YES
  • Slope: 35%
  • Floating Deck: NO
  • Noise Level: 62 dB
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Extended Mowing Capability: The worx vision mower 2000 square meters is capable of mowing up to 2000 sq.m. of lawn.
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: The Landroid L2000’s cutting height is adjustable with a range from 20 to 60 mm, allowing users to choose the desired cutting length based on their needs.
  • Sophisticated Navigation: The Worx Landroid L2000 WR155E robot mower uses intelligent navigation to map the lawn and perform tailored mowing. It can avoid obstacles and navigate around them without collision using its built-in GPS sensor.
  • High-Capacity Battery: Equipped with a generous 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery, the Worx WR155E robot mower enjoys extended autonomy to handle areas of up to 2000 square meters.
  • Automatic Return Function: In case of low power, the robot mower instantly returns to its charging station to replenish energy and, once fully charged, resumes mowing where it left off.
  • Safety Sensors: The worx vision mower Landroid L2000 WR155E is equipped with proximity sensors that detect obstacles in its path and skillfully avoid them.

These features make the Landroid L2000 WR155E a top choice for owners of large lawns, enabling efficient mowing, extended autonomy, and intelligent navigation for a pristine lawn.

Advantages of the Worx 2000 square meters WR155E worx vision mower L2000

The advantages of the Worx 2000 square meters Robot Mower are numerous, including:

  • High Mowing Capacity: It can mow up to 2000 sq.m., an excellent cost-effective choice for large lawns, spacious gardens, parks, and sports fields.
  • Intelligent Navigation: Its smart navigation allows it to maneuver around obstacles and facilitate lawn mowing.
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: The cutting height is customizable from 20 to 60 mm to meet your needs.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, the robot can operate for extended periods without needing a recharge. Additionally, recharging is fast due to its FAST-CHARGE charger.
  • Safety Sensors: The safety sensors help the device to avoid any obstacles in its path.

Disadvantages of the worx vision mower Landroid L2000 WR155E

Despite these attractive features, a few disadvantages are noteworthy, including:

  • High Cost: Being a high-end model, it naturally represents a significant investment.
  • Uneven Performance on Uneven Terrain: The Worx Landroid L2000 WR155E robot may not be as effective on uneven terrains.
  • Recharging Time: Despite its fast charger, the recharge time might be longer for some users who are impatient.

Worx Vision Mower 2000 Square Meters User Reviews and Experiences

“The worx vision mower is a very good robot mower. Scalable, you buy according to your needs, and very competitive in terms of price.

  • Just take care when laying the perimeter cable and be sure to respect the distances from the edges (Don’t try to be too clever by setting it 25 cm from the edges when it’s recommended to be 26 cm; it will only cause you trouble sooner or later).
  • Also, do not mow too low, as it may risk cutting the cable. 50 mm is perfect and more than sufficient for satisfactory results.
  • I did not expect such silence at all. You can mow on the weekend or at night, and no one will hear it, that’s for sure.
  • I don’t have a golf course, and the machine has never given me any trouble! I have a garden, as normal as can be.
  • Prefer models with 2 front wheels (like the WR153) for better handling, to better handle irregular terrain.
  • The worx app is splendid, extremely comprehensive, and intelligent. The Wi-Fi works pretty well, although I preferred to add the FindMyLandroid module, given the price of the machine.
  • All additional worx landroid accessories and modules are available on Amazon and allow the machine to be upgraded if necessary.
  • Note that there is a dedicated Alexa skill to control the Worx 2000 square meters Robot Mower by voice.

I recommend without any hesitation.”

“The most challenging part is choosing the location of the base and laying the boundary wire.

Once done, you put the robot on its base, and then it’s time for the adjustments. I had no problems on that front, I connected it to the internet, it updated itself.

I installed the worx app on my smartphone and adjusted the mowing program. The app has a function to determine the area of the terrain by following the perimeter on your phone.

Truly not disappointed, and this robot for this surface range is adjustable compared to other brands.”

“Here are some tips from forums and elsewhere that have helped me a lot:

  1. It’s best to build a small test circuit to learn how the worx vision mower 2000 square meters works. I separated a small part of the lawn in a pipe shape and practiced on it. After that, I applied it to the entire lawn.
  2. Never dig into the boundary wire from the start. Only when you know exactly where the wire should be in each curve can you dig into it. I corrected some curves more than 5 times.
  3. Do not pull the boundary wire tightly around the pegs. As soon as the insulation breaks, the red light on the charging station turns on when the voltage goes off. Then you have to find the defective area and fix it. Here, I learned the importance of a fence device. Just connect it to the boundary wire (disconnect the charging station!), where it cracks, the current flows into the ground. It will take 5 minutes to find. There are inexpensive devices for household use for less than 50 euros. An interesting investment.
  4. The most reliable way to connect the boundary wire, in my opinion, is to solder it. Just strip both ends, twist, and then solder. To seal, I shrunk two different widths of heat shrink tubing (with internal glue) over the solder joint with the heat gun.
  5. The lawn should be as flat as possible. The mower is not off-road.
  6. Lay the mowing edges level. The better the preparation, the less manual finishing work.”

Worx Landroid Accessories (Worx Robot Mower Shelter): A Practical and Effective Solution to Protect Your Robot Mower

Abri robot tondeuse worx est une solution pratique et efficace pour protéger votre robot tondeuse
worx landroid accessories (Garage for WORX Robot Mower)

If you are fortunate enough to own a Worx robot mower, you are likely already familiar with its practicality and efficiency in maintaining your lawn. However, it is only logical to safeguard your Worx robot mower from inclement weather and sun exposure when it is at rest. This is where the Worx robot mower shelter comes into play.

The Worx robot mower garage is an invention specifically designed to provide optimal protection for your Worx robot mower. Its sturdy and durable construction ensures the safety of your device against weather elements, UV rays, dust, and debris.

Worx Landroid Accessories – Advantages of Worx Robot Mower Shelter

Furthermore, it keeps your WORX robot safe from prying eyes and curious animals. One of the key benefits of the Worx robot mower shelter lies in its versatile storage capacity. It can accommodate WORX robot mowers of various sizes, making it a practical solution for all WORX robot mower owners. Additionally, this Worx shelter is equipped with an integrated solar charging system, allowing your robotic Worx mower to recharge automatically while remaining protected.

Worx landroid accessories – Installation of Worx Robot Mower Shelter

Installing the Worx robot mower shelter is a breeze. You do not need any particular DIY or electrical skills. Simply follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer Worx, and within a few minutes, your robotic mower will be protected and ready to be used again.


  1. In summary, the worx vision mower 2000 square meters WR155E is an excellent option for owners of large lawns. For medium-sized lawns (700 sq.m. to 1500 sq.m.), a mid-range model can be considered.
  2. The Worx robot mower shelter is a comprehensive and efficient solution for protecting and recharging your robotic Worx mower. It safeguards it against inclement weather, UV rays, dust, and debris. It can accommodate Worx robots of various sizes. This shelter also features a solar charging system for automatic and ecological recharging. Easy to install, it serves as the perfect solution to preserve your investment and extend the lifespan of your Worx robotic mower.

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